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Korean Museums Lining Up Robot Guides

A museum in Daegu, South Korea, has announced a pilot program featuring two guide robots, one we featured earlier (see Docent) and this one called “Haesol Robot 2” (named after the museum’s educational facility Haesolgwan). The robots were previously built for Seoul’s Museum of Natural History by a technology company called Corebell, which also exhibited them at Innorobo 2012.

The robot stands 120cm (4′) tall and weighs 60kg (132 lbs), and can move at speeds of up to 20 meters per minute on a two-wheel drive system.  It comes equipped with a camera, 12 ultrasonic range sensors, 12 pressure sensors, a gyroscopic sensor, and uses in-door GPS for positioning.  It can operate for 6 hours before needing to be recharged.  The robots will guide visitors through a permanent exhibit and take part in robot-themed classes held at the museum.

Meanwhile, The Robot Institute has begun testing their museum guide robot, KIRO Onbot, in South Korea’s National Folk Museum.  A museum administrator can keep an eye on the situation by controlling the robot remotely with a cell phone, and by watching a live video feed sent wirelessly from the robot’s on board camera.

The robot’s head moves and it can shake hands with visitors as it guides them through exhibits, stopping to explain them in more detail.  The museum expects to see an increase in visits from families with small children (as well as preschool and elementary tours) thanks to the robot, which connects the past with the future.

The company previously tested an educational version of the robot in both schools and museums. A few more photos follow after the break.

[sources: DGI News, PR Hankyung & Union Press (KR)]


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