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Status Report: We’re Back!

Your old robot friends are back!  In early March we ran into some computer-related issues that prevented us from being able to update. However, most of the issues have been resolved and we plan to get back to our regular updates beginning today. We missed a few important stories during our forced hiatus which you may have already seen, but there are also some tasty extras we only recently discovered.  Hopefully you missed us and thanks for hanging in there!

  • AshleyZ

    Glad to see you back.

  • Great! (But still no working pictures in my feed…;/  ) 

    • What reader do you use?

      • Google Reader ;) With 400+ Feeds in it. 399 without any problems… ;/

  • Snake_Oil_Baron

    I am so very pleased that the hiatus is over. This has been my favorite robotics blog for awhile. I’m also glad it was only computer problems as I was beginning to worry that some anti-robot cult had taken over the site and that it was only a matter of time before a the domain name was sold to a marital aid wholesaler.

    • Haha, yeah… that is one problem with this domain name. ;)  Thanks

      • Soykuya

        I agree with Snake also everytime I pop in on plasticpals no updates happy to hear everything is up in order