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Dan Mathias of FutureBots Introduces KATE 1.0

Dan Mathias is an American entrepreneur and roboticist who has single-handedly built a number of robots over the past few decades, including a pretty impressive full-size bipedal humanoid called ATOM-7XP.  In just three months he has managed to build his own version of an edutainment robot called KATE (Kids Avatar Teacher and Entertainer).  According to Dan, the idea was to build a bot that military servicemen and women could use to interact with loved ones when away from home, but could also find work as a teaching tool or entertainment robot.

Standing 114 cm (45 inches) tall and weighing 31.5 kg (70 lbs), KATE has a total of 22 degrees of freedom (head x7, 2 arms x2, 2 hands x4, torso x1, 2 wheels).  The robot comes equipped with stereoscopic cameras and an Android tablet for teleconferencing, a Microsoft Kinect sensor for motion detection, ultrasonic sensors for range detection, and a nose that can detect carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases.

Technical wizardry aside, perhaps the best way to become acquainted with KATE is to watch the following video!


YouTube Preview Image

[source: FutureBots @ YouTube] & [FutureBots website]


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