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Three Ways The World Will End For The Price Of One

Doomsday Book (a.k.a. The Fall of Humanity) debuted in South Korean cinemas earlier this month.  Divided into three parts, each story shows mankind’s ultimate destruction.  In “Heavenly Creation” a robot that looks like Bjork in her music video “All is full of love” and Sonny from I, Robot somehow finds enlightenment while working in a temple. A repair man and a nun then try to protect the robot from its maker, who sees it as a blasphemous creation.

The second story is about a virus that leads to zombies taking over the world.  Finally, there seems to be some confusion online about the third story because it ended up being scrapped and replaced sometime during production (some say it is a musical while others say it is another robot story).  From the trailer it appears to be about a humongous 8 ball heading straight for planet earth.

The trailer and screens certainly peaked my interest, but there’s no word on an international release.  That may turn out to be a blessing, as its average rating is 5/10 on a Korean movie review site similar to IMDB.  Generally speaking Korea isn’t known for its sci-fi films, but robot lovers may still want to give this one a viewing.  A few more screens follow after the break.

[source: Asian Movie Pulse & Naver (KR)]

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