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Robots in Advertising: Absolut Greyhound

Running of the Six DRGXX, 1983, KRONOTEKO

This is a pretty cool extended advert from Absolut Vodka featuring music by Swedish House Mafia.  It’s a robotic greyhound race from the future, perhaps inspired by the above illustration by the masterful Syd Mead.  It’s a poster he did for the only Tokyo International Sport Fair (1983).

Actually, robots like the ones in the video may not be that far off if Boston Dynamics’ Cheetah bot is any indication.  Of course, that doesn’t mean the fashion sense will be any less galling than it is today.


I’m loving the details on the robots’ chassis, and you can check them out after the break in a batch of high quality screen captures.

[source: Absolut @ YouTube]

All images copyright Absolut Vodka