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Video: What Happens When Toilets Become Robotized?

Did you know that a famous comedian named Zenjiro has been performing with a PaPeRo (or as he calls it, PaPejiro) for years?  Although he’s been entertaining on Japanese television since 1987, he began what could be considered the world’s first on-stage human-robot comedy routine in 2003 and never looked back.  Since then he’s taken his robot sidekick around the world.  As you’ll see in the clip below, PaPejiro has a bit of a potty mouth – funny stuff!  Lately Heather Knight has been attempting something similar with NAO, which she has named Data (see them appear on CNN here).  Maybe she could learn a thing or two from these pros!

Video (“Toilet Guide Robot”):

[source: Zenjiro (official site)] & [TheZenjiro @ YouTube]