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Video: Dr. GIY’s Dancing Robot Maid

Dr. GIY (a prominent member of the Japanese ROBO-ONE community) has designed and built a new custom robot.  At 52 cm (20.4 inches) tall Pre-maid Me won’t be doing the housework any time soon, but with a total of 27 degrees of freedom is capable of some pretty fancy footwork!  As is typical of most Japanese do-it-yourself robots, this one was built and programmed using Kondo servo and software (available in kit form as the Kondo KHR-3HV).

According to Dr. GIY, the robot’s dance routine is still a bit rough around the edges.  Once finished, we can expect something similar to his excellent choreography with this catty Manoi AT01.


[source: Dr. GIY’s website (JP)] & [Dr. GIY @ YouTube]