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Visit the Cybernetic Zoo

Recently we exchanged links with Cybernetic Zoo, a website which focuses on all sorts of robot-related projects from the 20th century.  As such it’s a great companion to Plastic Pals (which has a decidedly 21st century focus).  While unearthing these obscure oddities you’ll be treated to a collection of photos (and sometimes rare video footage) from around the world.  It’s easy to lose hours wandering through the site’s various categories.

Even though we might classify quite a few of these “robots” as automatons or even puppets, they’re a record of the hopes and dreams of would-be roboticists from years gone by.  Some examples have interesting connections to the robots being built today.  Take for instance these entries on the NASA Robot Astronaut and Manny – both designed to do work similar to Boston Dynamics’ PETMAN.  Although it would be great to combine our sites together, for now we’ll have to make due with a simple link exchange.

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