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This Little Robot Can Sure Run Its Ass Off

We’ve all seen MABEL, the biped robot built at the University of Michigan that can run at 6.8 miles per hour (10.9 kph).  Now, thanks to a collaboration between Professor Mingguo Zhao (Department of Automation, Tsinghua University) and researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology, MABEL has a miniature cousin.  The two projects aren’t really related, but they do share much in common: both are incredibly fast and are capable of negotiating unforeseen changes in terrain, and both rely on a boom to maintain balance along the Sagittal plane (for now).


According to the video description, Prof. Mingguo Zhao is the professor of the Robot Control Lab who developed the fast walking/running algorithm base on the Virtual Slope Walking, which belongs to the realm of the limit cycle approach.  If they can achieve similar results in their free-standing humanoids (Tsinghua’s Team Hephaestus’ RoboCup robots can be seen in the background), they could run circles around their opponents!

[source: Alebotics @ YouTube]