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Hajime Sakamoto’s 4 Meter Robot Gathers Steam

Let the above photo sink in for a moment.  Hajime Sakamoto (the founder of the Hajime Research Institute) is assembling a real functional giant robot.  When we broke the story late last year it was little more than a conceptual image and a single leg.  Now both legs have been assembled and the cockpit’s seat is in place (though it still lacks feet, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see it walk).  This thing is going to be crazy awesome when it is complete!

He is also experimenting with a new master-slave control system for his 2 meter (6’6″) tall humanoid robot.  The uncommonly tall robot, Hajime 33, stands just one inch shy of the average height of an NBA player (from records of the past 30 years).  Previously it has been controlled using the joystick on a wireless game controller.  Now, the motion of the robot’s arms can be driven by a pair of miniature arms attached to a vest.


Will this be part of the control apparatus inside the cockpit of the 4 meter humanoid?  Earlier we looked at the mixed control scheme for Vaudeville, another large robot that uses a combination of a Microsoft Kinect sensor and a touch-screen.

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4M Robot @ Facebook

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