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Coming Soon: Robotic Dolls Based on Dreamy K-POP Idols

Dongbu Robot, a South Korean company that sells the Genibo robot dog, has announced plans to market a line of entertainment robots based on famous K-POP stars.  The pint-sized robots, which are expected to launch before year’s end, will have detachable heads with “artificial skin” based on singers from Girl’s Generation and Super Junior.  That K-POP idols already look like Barbie dolls (partly due to the prevalence of plastic surgery in South Korea) may work in the robot’s favor.

The company claims the doll-like robots will be able to dance thanks to their 20 servo-driven joints, but it’s probably not worth getting too excited about.  No word on price, but hobbyists will be able to download new songs and dance routines via a smartphone app.  It seems likely the robots will be based on Dongbu’s new line of HOVIS humanoid kits, which (if true) means users will be able to program their own routines as well.  I foresee an avalanche of YouTube videos featuring them.

The company is combining its resources with those of Intelligent & Recreational Robot (known for their tabletop robot arcades) and Ocean Bridge E&T to bring them to market.  We don’t have any photos or videos of the K-POP robots, but you can expect them to look quite a bit like these examples from YouTuber RozenZebet:


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