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RT Corp Unveils RIC Ninja Master at Google I/O 2012

An interactive fighting game between human & robot

RT Corporation showcased a taller version of their tablet-powered “Robot Inside Character” at Google I/O 2012. The RIC Ninja Master stands 120 cm (or 3 ft 11 inches, including tablet), which is 30 cm (about 1 foot) taller than the company’s flagship model, the RIC-90.  Visitors to the interactive demo booth can play a fighting game with the full-sized robot, which is a world first according to the company.

Two people control the robot: one for the arms using an Xtion Pro Live motion sensor, and another makes the robot walk using a game controller.  The Android-based tablet (which serves as the robot’s head and face) uses the RT-ADK (a general I/O board specialized for Android OS) and V-sido software to translate the players’ commands into actual movements.

A sensor on the robot’s body determines when it has taken a hit, and it wears padded gloves to avoid hurting people.  Perhaps the gloves contain a sensor to detect when it has scored a hit, but I doubt it is agile enough to hit you if it is as slow as earlier models.  And RT Corp has published a video of its demonstration so we can see how it really works.


I’m guessing the human participants went a little easy on it, because it looks like it wouldn’t take much to knock it over in one punch…

[source: RT-net (EN)] via [MyNavi (JP)]