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EveR-4 Appears at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

The Korean Institute of Industrial Technology’s (KITECH) Robotics Fusion Research Group has unveiled the fourth generation in its line of gynoids, known as EveR-4, at the robotics pavilion of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. Dr. Dong-Wook Lee (39) and a colleague have been developing the female androids since 2005, and suggests this version is capable of more realistic expressions thanks to a new artificial tongue.

EveR-4 stands 180 cm (5’11”) tall and was designed to look like a receptionist to give speeches and interact with people.  It attempts to replicate the complex assortment of muscles in the human head with no less than 30 motors, which Dr. Lee says is a world record.  He admits that there isn’t much demand for androids at the moment, but said that could change in the future as theme parks around the world adopt Disney’s automated approach.

The gynoid may also find work as a theater “actress” through synchronized voice performance, facial expressions, lip synch, and body gestures.  Previous models (and those built in Japan) are used to study not only human-robot interaction but the convergence of technology and the arts and humanities.  However, like most other androids it cannot stand up or walk under its own power, and its spoken lines would likely be performed by a human because artificial speech still leaves something to be desired.  Currently, only the HRP-4C developed by AIST uses Vocaloid software to produce a synthesized singing voice.

A small selection of photos follows after the break.

[sources: Hankyung, Daum (KR)]