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Videos: NAO Dances, Real King Kizer Karate Chops & More

They may not be the smoothest robot dance moves we’ve seen, but this must have taken awhile to put together.  It’s a six-minute-long choreographed dance routine for NAO based on the viral video “The Evolution of Dance”.  Perhaps it should be titled the Humanoid Hussle?


[source: TheAmazel @ YouTube] via [ObiJerome @ Twitter]

Next up, apparently people have been asking the Maru family how strong their mega-sized home-made robot, Real King Kizer, really is. Here’s the video response that should put any doubts to rest.  The only thing missing is a trademarked catchphrase announcing the special move.


[source: Maru Family website (JP)] via [maverick681112 @ YouTube]

Finally, check out this impressive home-made robot built about a decade ago.  That was back when the hobby robot scene was just getting started, so this robot is pretty impressive given the technology and software available at that time.  Onimaru has since been scrapped for parts.


[source: Yumesikou My Robot (JP)] via [yumesikou @ YouTube]

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