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• Mujiro / Ligurio

mujiro-headerThis strange looking security robot comes in two flavors: Mujiro (purple) and Ligurio (blue), designed by Makoto Ishigaki (designer on Mobile Suit Gundam V, Fullmetal Alchemist, and other anime) for TMSUK, who handled the internal robotics. His intention was to give the impression of a capped, robed man in cold, wintry winds. TMSUK debuted Mujiro / Ligurio at the Aichi Expo in 2005, where they served their duty for 185 days, being recharged once every 4 hours.

The body opens up like a cloak to reveal hidden retractable arms with 7 DOF (degrees of freedom). Normally they remain inside the body to prevent them from bumping into things, or causing injury to bystanders, but can be used to pick up and dispose potentially dangerous materials, like the robots used by bombsquads.

They also come equipped with image recognition that can detect a person from 30 miles away, and microwave sensors that can detect people through thin walls (useful for spotting squirrelly trespassers), emitting a verbal warning to intruders when it finds them. Most notably however, is its advanced GPS navigation. Normal GPS surveyors used in cars have a margin of error in the range of 10 meters. High-precision GPS has a margin of error of 1 meter. But Mujiro’s GPS has a margin of error of just a few centimeters!



Image credit:
Impress Robot Watch

  • I love the idea of a shell that shields the arms when not in use — that’s a pretty cool idea. Unfortunately, the way the shell unfolds to give them access seams to dramatically increase the robot’s footprint. From the pictures, it looks like the robot would find it challenging to open a door and fit through the door frame with its arms exposed. Perhaps a better shell mechanism could fix this?

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