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Videos: Justin Dances, NAO Descends A Ramp, & MIT’s Cheetah Runs

The researchers at the German Aerospace Center love their robot Justin so much they even spend some of their free time playing with it.  Take this video, for example, of Justin performing the iconic dance moves seen in the diner scene from Pulp Fiction.  Now if they would just connect Justin’s torso to that pair of legs they’re working on…


[source: Bram Vanderborght @ YouTube]

You may have seen the University of Freiburg’s work with NAO earlier this week, when it autonomously climbed a spiral staircase (video).  But did you see this video, showing NAO descending a ramp at 20 degrees?  That’s pretty steep for such a small humanoid, so they added some friction using thin rubber pads on its feet.  Otherwise it is accomplishing the task using just the usual IMU sensor, camera, kinesthetic teaching, and good old fashioned programming.


[source: HumanoidsFreiburg @ YouTube] & [Engadget] Thanks, Armin!

And here’s a clip of MIT’s Cheetah running at 2.3 meters per second (8.2 kph or 5.1 mph).  It’s hard to see its flight phase in the video, but it certainly looks like it’s moving pretty fast.  It’ll be interesting to see if they can move beyond this gait, which looks like a power walk, to a full on running gait where the hind limbs move ahead of the front ones.  That’s when things will get really crazy!


[source: Biomimetics MIT @ YouTube]

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