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Videos: PR2 Folds Laundry, Vintage SDR-3X, Transforming Robots

Today we’ve got some cool robot videos to share with you.  First up is one of several videos showing the PR2 autonomously folding clothing by researchers at UC Berkeley’s Robot Learning Lab.  Obviously there are some conceits involved: the clothes are already laying flat on a green table, which makes it easy for the robot’s machine vision software to detect its edges.  It then calculates a series of folds before going into action, which has been sped up in the video by four times.  Folding takes quite a bit longer than a person would, but the PR2 is limited by its processing speed (which will get faster with better technology).


[source: RLLBerkeley @ YouTube] & [UC Berkeley RLL]

Awhile back I had emailed the webmaster at Robope to ask if he had any videos to share from his visit to ROBODEX 2000 (since he had posted some photos from the event) and though he did not respond to me he has since uploaded some videos to his YouTube channel.  Here is a high quality video of the SONY SDR-3X entertainment robot demonstrated just a week after its initial unveiling in late November of that year.  Unfortunately the sound cuts out a bit later, but generally speaking it’s better than many of the videos of this presentation available online.  SDR stands for SONY Dream Robot, and the 3X is its prototype number (see the original press release here).


I have only one or two photographs of the SDR-2X, but none of the original SDR-1X. If you happen to possess any media of these, please send them to me at “robotbling (at) plasticpals (dot) com”.

[source: Robope023 @ YouTube] & [Robope (JP)]

Finally, here’s a video by Kenji Ishida (he built that cool 1/12 scale humanoid robot that can transform into a car and back again, see here).  It chronicles the past decade of “Brave Robot” prototypes, and shows what the final version should look like when it is completed sometime next year.  We have also asked Kenji if he could upload a video of the Choromet-2 in action, since so far we haven’t seen any online (and he knows Jin Sato), and he said he would try.


[source: KenjiIshida011 @ YouTube] & [BRLab @ Twitter]

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