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Videos: Meet The Creator of KURATAS & More

It’s not every Friday we can bring you a selection of cool robot videos, but this week we can!  We begin with this short interview with Kogoro Kurata, the creator of the world famous KURATAS mecha.  Having joined YouTube less than one month ago, his videos have already racked up more than 3,000,000 views.  Now we get to meet the man behind the mecha, and thankfully the video comes with English subtitles.


[source: Suidobashi Heavy Industries @ YouTube]

Next up is a video of Texas A&M University’s AMBER 2.0 demonstrated by Dr. Aaron Ames, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.  The lab is using both this biped robot and a NAO to study human-inspired robotic walking, and they appear to be making steady progress.  Hopefully they can improve its balance to the point where it won’t need the boom to keep it steady.


[source: ProfAmes @ YouTube] & [Bipedal Robotics]

Remember Paul Frederickson’s Dance Dance Revolution project with the DARwIn-OP?  He’s a student at Purdue University who got the idea to program a robot to dance in time to arrows flowing on a screen, just like the hit video game.  Actually implementing this idea was much trickier than it sounds, and due to technical limitations it appears we’ll have to wait for the DARwIn robots to evolve a few more times before they can compete with people.  We look forward to seeing his next project.


[source: RobotDDR @ YouTube]

Finally, we have a video posted by Taiwan Tech showing a Panda Robot Head.  Pandas are cute, adorable animals… but this… well, judge for yourself.  It comes from the same lab at Taiwan Tech (the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) that built the kissing androids Adam and Janet. You can learn more about some of their other projects in a previous article here.


And if that isn’t scary enough, just wait until they build it a body!

[source: RobotCheng @ YouTube]