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For His Latest Trick, Dr. Guero’s Biped Balances

Having previously programmed his Kondo KHR-3HV hobby robot to walk on stilts and ride a bicycle, the good Dr. Guero is now refining the robot’s overall balance.  The pseudonym is a reference to a character from the popular manga and animated television series Dragon Ball Z, for a scientist who has worked at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Boston Dynamics.

To begin with you’ll notice the robot’s feet have been trimmed down considerably (technical details aren’t readily available, but it appears from the wires in the above photo that he has placed new sensors there).  Of course it is able to balance on one foot (something most hobby robot kits can do quite easily on a flat surface), but things are taken a step further by placing weights on the robot’s extremities, which appear to have little effect on its balance.  The robot is then shown walking forwards and backwards (without rotation) on an incline, and reacting to external disturbances by quickly side-stepping.


All in all it’s quite an impressive show of what you can accomplish by modifying a hobby robot kit with some extra sensors and lots of code!  Back in 2011 he published a related video showing a computer simulation of a biped balancing itself using the properties of a central pattern generator.

[source: A.I. & Robot (JP)] via [DrGuero2001 @ YouTube]