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Watch 20 Hobby Robots Compete in 4.5 m Footrace

Iketomu, a Japanese blogger who writes Biped Robot News Japan (and is himself a hobby roboticist), has posted a fantastic video from the 21st ROBO-ONE competition.  It took place at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo on September 1st and 2nd, 2012, and the following video shows 20 of the participating robots competing in a 4.5 meter (14 feet 9 inches) footrace.


The robots in order of appearance: No1: R-blue, No2: Afuro, No3: Metallic Fighter, No5: BJ ASURA, No6: Takarobo, No7: Nagare-Gold, No8: Leghorn, No9: Tokotoko-Maru, No10: Ganbatter, No11: Ryuketsu-kamen, No12: Ryuki ⅡO, No13: Zakyou-Hai, No14: Pi-co, No15: Hosenka, No16: Garoo, No17: Akakaze, No18: Ginkaji, No19: August, No20: Arutemis.

[source: Biped Robot News Japan] & [Iketomu @ YouTube]

  • john

    I hope you can get more info about the valkyrie style robot.
    I was hoping it wold fly but that was interesting as well.