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Goomba Roomba & other 8-bit robot covers

The iRobot vacuum cleaner got an 8-bit makeover at the SUPER iam8bit art exhibition, which featured hundreds of works inspired by retro video games. Artist Kelice Penney handmade the colorful covers based on the lowly Goomba (Super Mario Bros.), rock-spitting Octorok (The Legend of Zelda), and weaponized turtle shells (Super Mario Kart).

The Roomba’s erratic movements seemed to suit the aimless game characters perfectly. Unfortunately the custom covers, which proved quite popular at the showing, aren’t being mass-produced.

The iam8bit gallery, located on Sunset Boulevard, hosts group art exhibitions at their 4,500 square foot event space. The Roomba covers appeared at an event that took place late last year, but is making the rounds on the internet once again thanks to the video below.

[source: iam8bit Productions] via [IT Media (JP)]