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• ISAMARO Mark II, an online store dedicated to hobby robot kits, is taking orders for a new entry-level bipedal robot called ISAMARO Mark II.  The first version of the robot cost a hefty 340,000 JPY (approximately $4,200 USD), but they’ve managed to cut the cost in half (to 168,000 JPY / $2,070 USD) by swapping the Kondo-brand servos used in its 19 joints.  They originally went with more powerful servos (19 kg/cm torque), which were replaced by those with a maximum torque of 13 kg/cm.  The kit, which was designed for use in competitions, will ship this December.

  • ISAMARO MarkII Entry Set
  • Height: approx. 350 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1.9 kg
  • Degrees of freedom: 19
  • Actuator: KRS-4031HV (× 19)
  • Optional: wireless device
  • Battery: Lithium-polymer
  • Control board: RCB-4HV

Video (ISAMARO Mk. I):

[source: ISAMARO (JP) & Robotma (JP)] via [My Navi News (JP)]

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