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Xbot and NAIS1 by Nuzoo Robotics

Robot_UmanoidiHere’s a few videos dating back several years of miniature humanoid robots I had never seen before. These two robots, Xbot and NAIS1, were developed by Nuzoo Robotics in Italy.  It’s a design and engineering company that uses robotics to enhance products and services. According to their website, they’re both entertainment robots. The yellow NAIS1 stands 43 cm tall, weighs 3.1 kg, and has a total of 31 degrees of freedom. Both of these sort of reminded me of the Morph humanoids.  Check it out:



This next video shows Xbot, which is an earlier robot. It was equipped with a micro camera (and a rather silly pointer laser) and had 17 degrees of freedom.


Although these videos were posted in 2008, it’s unclear when they were actually completed (the video of the Macarena suggests it was quite a bit earlier).  The company has also developed telepresence robots for use in hospitals.

[Source: Nuzoo Robotics (IT)] via [Nuzoo @ YouTube]

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