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• FT (Female Type)

FT poses for the camerasTomotaka Takahashi is a respected roboticist who has worked with some high profile companies like Pepsi and Panasonic to create promotional characters.  One of his best, the FT (Female Type robot) resulted from his personal work, completed single-handed in his spare time.

Unlike his previous work, the FT was supposed to epitomize the female form, so he met with some fashion models to study how they walk.  Besides being a nice perk of the job, he aimed to incorporate their sexy feminine movements and poses into his robot.  Clearly all of that study paid off because the FT confidently struts her stuff on the catwalk.

Another challenge facing Takahashi-san was its shape.  Most robots have bulky bodies due to their mechanical parts, and have shorter legs because they are more stable that way.  As a result, they tend to have a more masculine look – but he wanted his robot to be slim, have smooth curves, and long legs.  These challenges meant that he would spend more than a year assembling the FT in order to work out all the quirks.

There are only 2 FTs in existence, and despite all the media attention she garnered at events throughout the world, there are no plans of ever commercializing her.  Meanwhile, it didn’t take long for companies like SEGA and Wowee Toys to market their own rip-off of the FT (E.M.A./Femisapien), though it can hardly hold a candle to Takahashi-san’s original creation, in terms of virtuosity and finesse.




Image credits:
Impress Robot Watch | Akihabara News

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