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• Kondo KHR-3HV

KHR3-headerAs promised, Kondo unveiled the KHR-3HV humanoid robot kit at their 5th anniversary event (June 13th 2009), and Moriyama-san has captured it in beautiful HD video. Taller than the KHR-2HV at 40cm, the KHR-3HV immediately stands out with it’s new plastic head and chest covers, and somewhat large backpack.  At 120,000 JPY ($1220 USD) it’s definitely an attractive kit.

It has extra servos in its forearms allowing for greater flexibility, while also extending the arms to be in proportion with the legs. The legs have the hip extensions seen in the KHR-1HV, and have better balanced servo brackets in the ankles. The tub feet have been increased in size to compensate for the extra height.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the current economic climate, Kondo has opted not to use this opportunity to accelerate adoption of their more powerful (and expensive) servos, though it does use a new KRS2552HV servo (270° operating angle, 14kg/cm torque).  Unlike previous versions, the servos communicate serially thereby eliminating messy wire problems.  This also means the robot runs on a new controller board (RCB-4HV).

Now that Kondo has enjoyed 5 years of success (with no end in sight), one wonders if they’ll finally hire a decent translator so that the rest of us can get in on the action without any worries?  Videos after the break.


Video (Mirror):

Video (Mirror):

videos by [kmoriyama] and [Dr.GIY]


Image credit:
Impress Robot Watch | Dentsu Robomaker | Y. Ishikawa’s blog

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