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• AIBO ERS-220


The AIBO ERS-220 debuted in November 2001 (available also as an upgrade kit for the ERS-210).  With its multicolored 21 LED-laden head and antennae, this AIBO’s canine ancestry is barely recognizable.  The camera, which is normally hidden in the nose in other models, is prominently featured like the eye of a cyclops.  One of its most unusual features is its retractable head light, which pops up when it gets “excited”.  It could also understand 75 voice commands (as opposed to the ERS-210’s 50).  It’s not the most cuddly thing, but if high-tech is what you’re after then the ERS-220 delivers.  As they did with the ERS-110, SONY commissioned a famous artist to design it, this time getting Shoji Kawamori to do the honors.

Shoji Kawamori is one of the most respected mecha designers of his generation.  He has worked as mechanical designer on virtually every edition of the celebrated Macross series, and created the beloved original series Escaflowne.  His mecha have also starred in the popular Armored Core series of video games.  Needless to say, his AIBO is the most unique and futuristic-looking of them all.

SONY also released new software for use with the ERS-210/220.  AIBO Eyes allowed users to send photo requests to their AIBO over the internet, which it would then take and email back to you.  This effectively allowed owners to see what the AIBO did while away from home.  It could also take and send photos to you automatically at set intervals so you could check out what’s going on at home while away.  AIBO Speed Board was a skate board accessory and software that allowed AIBO to skate around your home.  You could also give it verbal commands such as “Turn right” or “Super Slalom!” to control its motions.



Image credit:
SONY | Impress Robot Watch

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