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Agricultural Machinery Repairman’s Recycled Mechanical Artworks


An agricultural machinery repairman and artist known by locals as “Mr.Robot”, has been busy making sculptures out of junk parts for the past decade.  He’s finally getting some critical attention, and no thanks to any formal arts education.  Some of his 140 creations, which include objects of interest, robots, dinosaurs, and animals such as penguins, will be displayed for 22 days at the Gwangju City Art Museum Children’s Gallery, South Korea.

Since 2001, the machinery repair shop has been overflowing with useless parts that not only cluttered the shop making it difficult to work, but would ultimately end up in the trash heap.  Rather than letting that happen, the talented and prolific Mr. Jubokdong (? 주복동 씨) decided he’d kill two birds with one stone, and try to fashion something useful out of them, even adding some new features in the process.  Take for example his DVD robot:


140 sculptures in only ten years is an amazing accomplishment and they look to be highly detailed, colorful creations that seem right at home given South Korea’s stance on robots in recent years.  Hopefully more photos of his work will surface following the gallery showing.

[Source: Asian Economy News]

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