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• Partner Robot ver.4 Walking Type (Trumpet ver.2) “Harry”

harry-3522358686_63927339cd_bToyota’s original bipedal robot was replaced with this model in time for the Aichi Expo in 2005, during which several Partner Robots played in Toyota’s robot band ”Concero”.  Concero performed 14-15 times a day in a 10 minute show for 185 days straight – that’s 2555 performances.

At 145cm (4’9″) and weighing 40kg (88 lbs), this version is slightly taller and heavier than the previous model, and with a feather in its cap this robot (nicknamed Harry) seems to evoke a minstrel from the middle-ages.  Capable of walking, running, and jumping, it is most famous for its ability to play the trumpet. It has 31 DOF including five-fingered hands which masterfully play the notes while its artificial lungs (bellows) and rubbery lips blow air into the instrument’s mouthpiece.

Toyota is developing Partner Robots so that sometime in the 2010s they might become useful in a variety of settings assisting humans.  In 2008, Toyota improved the leg and feet mechanisms of this robot which enabled it to run at 7kph, which is slightly faster than rival Honda ASIMO can run.  The robot also displayed reactive balancing behavior when pushed by a human.  Videos after the break.

Amazing solo performance:

Running at 7km/h:

With the rest of Concero:

Footage from the Aichi Expo celebrations:


Image credits:
Toyota | Impress Robot Watch

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