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• Partner Robot ver.5 Rolling Type (Trumpet ver.2) “Dave”

TPR5-toyota_ph05smThis Wheeled Rolling Type Partner Robot was one of five robots that performed in Toyota’s robot band “Concero” at the Aichi Expo in 2005.  Variations of this robot have played the trumpet, cornet, and trombone.  Toyota nicknamed this robot  “Dave” when it plays the trumpet with a select group of other Partner Robots for their smaller demonstrations.  It rolls around on two wheels using the inverse pendulum control method to maintain its equilibrium.  This balancing technology has been demonstrated in Toyota prototype vehicles conceptualized as the wheelchairs of the future (Mobiro, i-real), as well as in Toyota’s Winglet personal mobility device.

The Rolling Type Partner Robots stand 1 meter (3’3″) tall and weigh between 45~55kg (99~120 lbs) depending on the instrument they play (trombone or horn).  The horn player has 20 degrees of freedom, while the trombone player has only 11 degrees of freedom.  Toyota seeks to develop robots that will one day assist human beings in a variety of activities, which is why they are developed to handle objects like instruments and tools.  As was the case with Toyota’s Bipedal Walking Type trumpeter, Toyota has designed two versions of this robot (the older version developed in 2003 isn’t quite as streamlined).  There are two other types of wheeled Partner Robots designed to play heavier instruments as well as to perform the role of DJ. Videos of the band playing together below the break…



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