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• Toyota Partner Robot ver.6 Rolling Type (Drums, Tuba)

Toyota-drummer-sm Toyota-tuba-sm

Toyota’s showing at the Aichi Expo in 2005 required Partner Robots that could play the drums and the tuba, instruments too heavy for the previously designed rolling type robots. Unlike the two-wheeled self-balancing type, this version rolls around on several wheels concealed under its floor-hugging hood for stability. Both the tuba player and the drummer are 100cm (3’3″) tall and were each given unique head designs.

Equipped with a Yamaha drum set, Richie keeps the beat with his two fully articulated arms and hands, as well as a footless foot pedal.  He is 65kg (143 lbs) and has a total of 16 degrees of freedom.  Chuck, the tuba player, is 50kg (110 lbs) and carries his instrument on his shoulder with one hand while fingering the valves with his other. This necessitates only 11 degrees of freedom.  These robots still play in performances with Harry (the bipedal trumpeter) and Dave (the rolling trumpeter) at Toyota buildings open to the public in Japan.



Image credits:
Toyota | Impress Robot Watch | Response

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