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This cute little fella is called PENPAL, one of Tomotaka Takahashi’s original creations. It was displayed at Robo Japan 2008 along with some of his other famous robots such as Chroino, FT, Evolta, and Manoi PF01. I didn’t bother posting about it at the time since there was so little information known about it, but since then the ROBO-GARAGE website has been updated with a little bit of info.  PENPAL was created over a period of just 4 months, stands 30cm (1′) tall, and weighs 1.5kg (3.3 lbs).  It has a total of 11 degrees of freedom (head x4, 2 arms x2, body x1, 2 legs x1).

Due to its sitting posture, this robot is meant for communication purposes rather than physical displays (due to its limited mobility). Perhaps it is designed to speak pre-recorded messages to people similar to the Murasaki museum robot he designed.


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