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• Enryu T-52

Enryu T-52, Rescue Robot

TMSUK Co. Ltd. creates robots that are meant for one thing and one thing only: kicking ass.  Unlike the cute and cuddly humanoids that dance around like clowns at trade shows, your first encounter with the Enryu T-52 would likely be as it lifts a gigantic concrete block off of your crushed car following an earthquake or other natural disaster.

Literally translated as Support Dragon, the Enryu T-52 is the descendant of the T-5, operated by a rescue worker from within its cage-less glass cockpit or remotely in those extra life-threatening situations.  Sure, it weighs 5 tonnes and it can lift a small car as if it was a children’s toy, but this robot is all about saving humans, not crushing them.

Designed by ROBO-GARAGE’s Tomotaka Takahashi, the Enryu T-52’s rugged good looks bring back memories from Aliens’ heart-pounding mech vs queen battle, and as one of the few pilotable robots in existence, it earns top honors.  The arms have an impressive range of motion and there are CCD cameras mounted all over the thing, inside its head and on its front, back, and sides, so that the operator has virtually no blind spots.

I don’t know about you, but this thing almost makes me want to sign up as an emergency worker, just so I can shout,”STRAP ME IN, BOYS!’‘ before a mission.  The only problem is the Enryu T-52 hasn’t seen any real action yet, outside of a few test exercise



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