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• Wonder Kit Remocon Chaser 2


As of July 21st 2009, Kyohritsu has launched a new way to control their Wonder Kit called the Remocon (shorthand for remote control) Chaser 2.  The kit costs $30 USD and can be configured using identical parts for wheels and legs to those of the standard Wonder Kit.

The robot tracks the IR signal emitted from your tv/dvd remotes using a light sensitive photo transistor for good ol’ fashioned robot insect fun.  The robot is controlled by a PIC microcontroller and powered by four AA batteries and joins Wonder Kit’s line of accessories that include obstacle avoidance and line tracking, and the Puchi Robo series.

[source: Impress Robot Watch]

・Wonder Kit (official website JP)


Image credits:

Kyohritsu | Impress Robot Watch

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