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Toyota’s Human Support Robot helps out


I wrote an article about Toyota’s Human Support Robot which was published at Gizmag. Read it here.

Murata develops next-generation robot walking aid


I wrote an article about Murata’s robotic walking aid which was published at Gizmag. Read it here.

Makerbot announced Replicator 2


I wrote an article about the Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer which was published at Gizmag. Read it here.

Aisoy1 II hackable robot


I wrote an article about Aisoy Robotics’ Aisoy1 II which was published on Gizmag, you can read it here.

Xbot and NAIS1 by Nuzoo Robotics

Robot_UmanoidiHere’s a few videos dating back several years of miniature humanoid robots I had never seen before. These two robots, Xbot and NAIS1, were developed by Nuzoo Robotics in Italy.  It’s a design and engineering company that uses robotics to enhance products and services. According to their website, they’re both entertainment robots. The yellow NAIS1 stands 43 cm tall, weighs 3.1 kg, and has a total of 31 degrees of freedom. Both of these sort of reminded me of the Morph humanoids.  Check it out:


Video: DARwIn-OP gets some snow shoes

A cute project from the University of Manitoba’s Autonomous Agents Laboratory:

[source: Chris I-B @ YouTube]

• Mole Mania

developed & published by Nintendo / Feb. 1997
1-2 players / 2 save slots / Nintendo GameBoy, 3DS eShop (26.07.2012)


Mole Mania is a clever and addictive puzzle game that was originally created for the black and white GameBoy.  A wily farmer named Jinbe kidnaps Muddy Mole’s wife and seven children, so Muddy sets off to reclaim them through mazes filled with devious puzzle rooms.  Considering Mole Mania was designed by legendary Nintendo game creator Shigeru Miyamoto it’s a rather obscure title, but one that’s been given a second shot with its release as a downloadable game on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

RoboBuilder’s RQ-TITAN rocks out on the dancefloor

RoboBuilder’s new TeenSize robot designed for RoboCup, RQ-TITAN, does a dance in this new video.

[source: RBMFile @ YouTube]