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Mind-controlled Robot avatars in the works

I wrote an article about experiments involving thought-controlled robots, published by Gizmag. Read it here.

Virgina Tech’s CHARLI 2 dances Gangnam Style

I wrote an article about a fun video featuring VT RoMeLa’s CHARLI 2 humanoid dancing, published at Gizmag. Read it here.

Samsung’s Roboray humanoid

I wrote an article about Samsung’s secretive Roboray humanoid robot, published at Gizmag. Read it here.

Xbot and NAIS1 by Nuzoo Robotics

Here’s a few videos dating back several years of miniature humanoid robots I had never seen before. These two robots, Xbot and NAIS1, were developed by Nuzoo Robotics in Italy.  It’s a design and engineering company that uses robotics to enhance products and services. According to their website, they’re both entertainment robots. The yellow NAIS1 […]

Video: DARwIn-OP gets some snow shoes

A cute project from the University of Manitoba’s Autonomous Agents Laboratory: [source: Chris I-B @ YouTube]

• ISAMARO Mark II, an online store dedicated to hobby robot kits, is taking orders for a new entry-level bipedal robot called ISAMARO Mark II.  The first version of the robot cost a hefty 340,000 JPY (approximately $4,200 USD), but they’ve managed to cut the cost in half (to 168,000 JPY / $2,070 USD) by swapping the Kondo-brand […]

HUBO dances, prepares for DARPA Challenge

Videos of HUBO dancing.

HRP-4C Gets Immortalized As Action Figure

A new figure model kit is being sold based on AIST’s famous female android, the HRP-4C.