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Video: HRP-4C Sings At Jisso Protec 2011

The singing and dancing android makes another appearance.

Amazing Videos of HRP-4C Dancing Robot Project

Video of the HRP-4C Dancing Robot Project from the Digital Content Expo 2010.

CEATEC JAPAN 2010: More Robots

More robots are being demonstrated at CEATEC JAPAN 2010, including NEC’s PaPeRo, a robotic dinosaur, and more.

CEATEC JAPAN 2010: Robot Round-Up

Fujitsu’s Therapeutic Bear, AIST’s HRP-4C, and Nissan’s EPORO robots made another appearance at CEATEC JAPAN 2010.

CEATEC 2010: Murata Boy Gets Eco-Conscious

Murata Boy Type ECO’s energy-conscious features are unveiled.

Video: Murata Girl Does The S-Curve

A video of Murata Seikochan negotiating a tricky S-curved balance beam.

Murata Announces Insane Upgrade for Murata Girl

Amazingly, Murata Girl (the unicycle robot) can now negotiate a curving S-shaped balance beam only 2.5cm wide.

The BBC takes a look at Japanese robots

A BBC video about robots in Japan begs the question: why the difference in perception of robots abroad?