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Paul Guinan’s Boilerplate Gets Movie Deal

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon an article online about a robot that supposedly fought in a war more than a hundred years ago or something, complete with a sepia-toned daguerreotype. Of course I knew the story smelled fishy, and later discovered that the robot was the creation of Paul Guinan.  He built a really cool sculpture of an old-timey lookin’ steampunkesque robot called Boilerplate sometime back in 2000, then photoshopped the sculpture into various historic photos to build up the story and character of the piece.  He also had hopes to do a graphic novel that fell through; I’m sure he’s not feeling too sad about that anymore.

News has hit the wire that Boilerplate’s heroic escapades will be revealed not on paper but on the silver screen, and produced by J.J. Abrams (see my reviews of Cloverfield, Star Trek) no less.  To his credit Paul Guinan’s original design for Boilerplate is perfect, so hopefully they won’t modify it much.  I’m totally hyped to see a period film starring a robot, something like Bicentennial Man but set in WW1.  So long as they don’t screw up the happy balance of action and comedy (assuming that’s the angle), this can’t not be good.

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