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Hinamitetu’s Acrobat Robot Successfully Grabs Horizontal Bar!

Hinamitetu’s acrobatic gymnast robot spins in the air, and then grabs back onto the horizontal bar. Pretty crazy stuff to do in your living room.

Hinamitetu’s Robot Evolves…

Hinamitetu’s ongoing quest to build the perfect horizontal bar gymnast robot continues, with surprising results!

DIY Gymnast robot finally sticks the landing

I wrote an article about Hinamitetu’s home-made gymnast robot, published at Gizmag. Read it here.

Video: FrostyDesign’s Robot Back Flip

FrostyDesign’s robot is back, and this time it performs a back flip!

Home-made Horizontal Bar Gymnastic Robot

A hobbyist has built an acrobatic robot that can swing on the horizontal bar, though it’s not ready to compete professionally for the time being…