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• Mini Robocue

Kikuchi Manufacturing is showing off their “Mini Robocue”, a smaller version of a similar human-scooping rescue robot called “Robocue” that was first unveiled in 2009.  The 2nd generation is considered a “mini” because it reduces the overall size and weight compared to the 1st generation.  Compare the sizes:

  • Mini Robocue: 2310mm×810mm×1450mm (L,W, H) 350kg
  • Robocue: 1900mm×1200mm×1600mm (L,W, H) 1500kg

While a bit longer, it is significantly lighter and more compact in three dimensions.  The robot also has improved mobility thanks to its independent front and back tank treads, increasing its turning circle allowing it to swivel in place.  The idea was to allow the robot to climb steps inside of a building and still be able to turn when it reaches a landing.  People in need of rescue are loaded onto the conveyor belt which scoops them up into the robot’s body, though it should be noted that if the person is overweight it appears they’ll be out of luck.

The robot can be controlled remotely over a monitor via a 100m cable, or controlled from 50m via radio signal if the operator has a clear view.  It can also be equipped with manipulators for dealing with potentially hazardous materials.  Kikuchi Manufacturing is hoping to sell at least 1 unit to each of the fire stations across Japan, so they’re aiming at a price point of around 1,500,000 JPY ($16,000 USD).  A few more images follow after the break.

[source: Response (JP)]


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